Monday, November 26, 2007

Music For Your Plants....And Other Weirdness!

Sorry for The long hiatus, I've just been busy. Anyway, I'm back with more Weird, Unusual, and Strange Music that you should know, but most likely don't. FIrst up, is "Music for Your Plants". I dunno who peformed this, but their was a time, back in the 1970's, where singing {or playing music} for your plants was a big fad, like Pet Rocks.
Nowandays, if most of you were to play music you like {Rap, Punk, Alternative}, the plants would probeley go insane. But, on the opposite side, plants are not idiots. They have good music taste. And Enough of them had enough taste to put this record in the dustbin.

And now, for another record. I Really Don't see how this one could not sell. I mean it's got style, talent, and a balding guy on the cover talking about life insurance. Why is this not up their with albums by Dead Kennedys and Black Flag ? It's Just a cruel World
{And, Yes I was Being sarcastic}