Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Hot Hymns & Cool Carols!

Yeah, I've had this one for a while. I'm pretty sure I picked this one up at a booksale. How often dso you find an album with a bongo-playing priest on the cover?
Music wise, it's when choirs go hip, or in this case psychedelic. Yeah, it's awesome.
{I couldn't find a picture of the cover, sorry}

Monday, November 26, 2007

Music For Your Plants....And Other Weirdness!

Sorry for The long hiatus, I've just been busy. Anyway, I'm back with more Weird, Unusual, and Strange Music that you should know, but most likely don't. FIrst up, is "Music for Your Plants". I dunno who peformed this, but their was a time, back in the 1970's, where singing {or playing music} for your plants was a big fad, like Pet Rocks.
Nowandays, if most of you were to play music you like {Rap, Punk, Alternative}, the plants would probeley go insane. But, on the opposite side, plants are not idiots. They have good music taste. And Enough of them had enough taste to put this record in the dustbin.

And now, for another record. I Really Don't see how this one could not sell. I mean it's got style, talent, and a balding guy on the cover talking about life insurance. Why is this not up their with albums by Dead Kennedys and Black Flag ? It's Just a cruel World
{And, Yes I was Being sarcastic}

Saturday, October 27, 2007

More New Finds!

-"All In The Family" T.V. soundtrack
-"In Harmony" [Comp. W/ Doobie Brothers, Dr. John, etc.]
-"Music To Live By" [Kitch Cover]
-"You Look Marvolus" [BIlly Crystal]
-Hark! The years! [comp. of spoken word pieces]

Also, a bunch of Cassettes, Including a French Billie Holiday tape!
Oh, and some Sci FI vintage paperbacks, sealed.

The All In The Family, has the theme song, along with other pieces the cast sing.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Recent Finds

Ok, I thought I would make a list of some recent vinyl [and cd's] :

"Wild Life" [Wings] [w/Promo sticker & Apple vinyl]
"Reflections of a Wicked World [Ogden Nash]
"Unsupervised" [Mono Puff-Rykodisc CD]
"American Political Songs 1800's-1994" [CD]
"The World of Shelly Berman [Shelly Berman]
"Pac-Man Fever [Bucks & Garcia]

I'm sure their's more, but I can't think of the titles off hand.

And Remember, the WFMU Record show is beyond the horizon. LP's, CD's, Cassettes, 8-Tracks, and lost of other lost mediums. Rock, Punk, No Wave, World, Folk, Rockabilly, Surf, New Wave, Indie and more! Go to wfmu.ord/recfair.

Friday, October 19, 2007

The Addicts! Sing!

Ok, I've shown you albums by Celebrities, Musicans, and The Mentally Insane, to name a few, but here is the strangest. The Addicts Sing was a bizarre concept from the start. 9 former Heroin Addicts + Musicial Ability [or lack of it] = A Hit Record [Or so they thought.] In terms of information about the group, they WERE nine former heroin addicts, who were released from jail, and decided to sings their tales of the life of a junkie. It was released in 1965, and the whereabouts of The Addicts are unknown. The back cover may have the weirdest part of all, an illustration of a hand about to inject a needle into themself. Strange, man, strange.

An Iconic Photograph relating to Outsider Music

So, I decided to pick an iconic photo for my topic. It is rather hard for my topic, becauce 99.9 percent of iconic Photos would not make sense here. So, I decided to pick an Album cover instead. "Satan is Real" by The Louvin Brothers is a true iconic weird album cover. The Red, glowing Devil in the background, and the posed brothers in the front, looking for Satan.

I like it, because It has a retro-cool-kitch-weird vibe to it. I mean, Would you doubt that this was made in the 1950's or 1960's. It is kind of a Legend among Religous record collectors & weird album art collectors. It's just cool, period.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Music For the Gifited

I found out about this Album on another blog actually, and it sounds like something that I would enjoy. The idea was conceved by Dr. Alan Melinger, and was recorded in mental health facilities in Colorado. To me, I would rather hear some raw, and unmixed music, then hear a song that has added vocals, and numerous overdubs, like much of popular music nowandays. The Doctor gets into the act, and records a couple songs. It would be great to find this LP, and hearing about it makes me glad that their are Thousands and Thousands of Home-made Religous recordings, Weird Rockabilly, Music recorded by Midgets, and other happy sounds

Note : [I could not get it picture, but the album cover is no Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band.]

And Now, for something completly different :

The WFMU record fair is shortly approching! November 2, 3 & 4th in New York City. This is the fair to go to for VInyl, CD's, Tapes and Fragments of Pop Culture that you have most likely forgotten about. For more info go to www.wfmu.org/recfair.